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Montag, 26. Februar 2018, 21:25

It looks spectacular! [TH]
I'd love to roam that with a quad bike or a sporty motorbike. [:p]

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Montag, 26. Februar 2018, 21:55

About that, I've thinked about something more suitable for the area, like a camel, or an horse (the one from BtB2016) :P

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Montag, 26. Februar 2018, 22:20

it looks great = Assassins Creed, Orgins [8D]

Spoiler Spoiler

tip: build it with a camel and Oasis area
mfg Markus

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Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018, 19:00

Looking at the screen makes me want to create my own desert level. Well done. [TH]

And yes, a horse like in Assassins's Creed would be awesome. [:p]


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Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018, 20:15

As I agreed to Sharon on Facebook already... I want to be there - right now!!! [:D] It looks stunning!!! The lighting and the fog are brilliant! [TH] [TH] [TH]

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Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018, 20:59

Yes, the scene looks very atmospheric... not like the standard tr4 desert ambient, more realistic. Cool... [TH]

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Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018, 21:34

Now that looks really cool! I want to play that :)

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Samstag, 10. März 2018, 11:37

I remade my advent level. Looks the same but has a lot of gameplay improvements.
If you want to give it a beta run, feel free to contact me. Thank you :)

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Samstag, 10. März 2018, 16:21

So that's what you've been up to these past few weeks.
I was about to file a missing member report. ;)

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Montag, 12. März 2018, 04:22

Wasn't really few weeks... it just takes so because my brain tries to escape this project at all cost...

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Freitag, 4. Mai 2018, 18:04

Ich arbeite noch am Outfit fürs Update meines Osterlevels. Der Ladebug ist behoben aber Lara soll doch etwas anderes tragen, als im Winterlevel von vor zwei Jahren. [hmm] Ärmel und Shirt werden noch verändert. Der Rest passt so, denke ich.
»Sponge« hat folgendes Bild angehängt:
  • Outfit-WIP-Pic.jpg

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Dienstag, 8. Mai 2018, 20:55

Looks like a race outfit, I like it! :D

Since BtB of this year it's finished, I can continue working on that level, and everytime I'm in game I just mesmerise myself looking at that lovely sky, I hope you relax too as I do when I see it :)