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Wednesday, June 24th 2009, 7:43pm


In diesen Thread werde ich über die TRNG_Updates informieren!

# Fixed bug about FMV trigger. In previous versions the FMVs had problems on some computers when they were played in full screen mode.
See also the demo example

# Added CUST_FMV_CUTSCENE constant, to customize the viewing of FMVs (video cutscenes) in game.
If you are not satisfacted about the viewing of FMV you should read the documentation about FMV_... constant values and also for the new setting constant SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN, to use in Settings= command in [Otpions] section.
See also the demo example

# Added new settings constant SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN.
This setting should be used with Settings= script command to place in [Options] section and permits to have a non-exclusive full screen mode.
It was the "exclusive" mode to get difficultous the playing of FMV in previous version, so now,using the soft full screen mode we solved the problems about playing fmv when player set its tomb4 in full screen mode.
Remark: if tomb4 had been set as Windowed mode the SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN setting will have no effect.

# Added new global trigger GT_FMV_COMPLETED, to detect when a fmv has been completed.

# Added in NG_Center the new panel "Media".
The first new tool in this panel is the [WMV Encoder] Since many people get leak results with encoding FMV from AVI to WMV, I supplied a professional front-end for Microsoft WMV encoder, with some infos about correct settings to get good quality WMV videos.

Remark: at first execution the NG_Center will download and install byself the Microsoft WMV Encoder program.

# Added new global trigger GT_TITLE_SCREEN, to detect the current screen showed in title level.

# Fixed bug in flipeffect "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enmey the (E)transparecy level".In previous version the max value to set was "127" but with that value some moveables (like animating) disappeared forever. Now the max value is "126" and also the condition trigger to test transparency has been changed to check the max value "126".

# Fixed bug about CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT setting. In previous version when you disabled the transparency for Lara in looking mode, the game had a crash.

# Fixed bug in "Weather. Fog. Change Fog distance to <&>Distance in (E)seconds" and "Weather. Fog. Pulse Fog from current to <&>Distance in (E)seconds". In both triggers there was a bug causing the execution of these triggers only first time, while after, for whole level, the triggers didn't work anymore.

# Fixed bug in trigger: "VolumetricFX. Enable Volumetric FX in current level". In previous version this trigger enabled correctly the fog bulbs but it let fog color in water and other transparent textures.

# Fixed bug about items signed by fog in inventory. It seems some people had this problem, now I tried another way to remove fog effects from inventory viewing.

# In NGLE it has been enhanced the error mexage: "EVIL: Unknown object type detected" with a new mexage to inform about the room and case where is this "Unknown object" You can find also the list of unknow objects in log file created using TOMB5log.exe utilty while you'are performing Output Wad with ngle.

In diesen Update geht es hauptsächlich um FMV´s. FMV´s können jetzt problemlos im Fullscreenmode gespielt werden. Um zu wissen, wie es gemacht wird, sollte man beim FMV_Kommando in der Refence des NG_Center nachschauen oder auch nach entsprechenden Beiträgen im TRNG-Forum schauen. Neu ist noch, dass man in der Optionssektion die Zeile "Settings= SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN " einfügt. Es gibt einige neue Sachen. FMV´s lassen sich jetzt auch gleich am Anfang des Levels abspielen (siehe GT_TITLE_SCREEN) . Man kann einige Anpassungen für das Abspielen der FMV´s mittels CUST_FMV_CUTSCENE vornehmen. Außerdem kann mittels GT_FMV_COMPLETED am Ende einer FMV Sachen getriggert werden. Viel Spaß beim Anwenden! :)


Monday, July 13th 2009, 9:56am

trngdll released 12 July

* Fixed bug about CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT. In previous version ( the status ENABLED/DISABLED was inverted.
* Fixed bug in FogRange= script command. In reality the bug was in old tomb4 code... The MaxFogDistance (the second parameter) was computed in a wrong way in old tomb4 and with this bug there was no effect on distance fog. Now you can modify this second parameter and get some interesting effects with the density of distance fog. In previous version the second parameter of fog range command was described as the limit for max distance for fog bulbs but now it works to set the limit of fog distance and if you reduce this value (rather than levelfarview) you can have a deep fog. See also the "" file where the FogRange command is explained with many examples and images.
* Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set the <&>Color for Distance Fog" This flipeffect has the same syntax as old flipeffect "Set the RGB color for the fog bulbs to the <&>value", with the difference that, in this case, you can use the new flipeffect to set the color for Distance fog, while the old flipeffect worked only on fog bulbs color. These two flipeffects work always in accordance with volumetric fx enabled or disabled.
* Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable Hardware Fog (caution!)" This flipeffect should be used with caution. When you disable the fog via hardware, the distance and volumetric fog will disappear. When volumetric fx is disabled this flip removes the distance fog; when volumetricx fx is enabled, the result is a curious "nightmare" effect with dark colorless scenes.
* Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>Max visibility distance for Fog Bulbs". This flipeffect allows the new max visibility distance for fog bulbs to be set. It's very improbable you need to use this flip, because trng sets by itself this value in worldfarview (or LevelFarView) and this is the most logical value. If you reduce the distance, some fog bulbs very far from Lara will be not shown in game.
* Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>End Fog limit for Distance fog". This flip allows to change in game the same value you can set in EndLimitDistanceFog field of FogRange command. Modifying the End Limit for fog distance you can get a very deep fog. See description of the (updated) FogRange command for more information.
* Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Change Start limit of Distance Fog in <&>way with (E)speed". This trigger changes in a dynamic and endless way the Start Fog limit for distance fog.
* Added diagnostic command: H key. When you hit the H keystroke the diagnostic texts will be Hidden for 3 seconds. This command should be used to catch "cleaned" screenshots also when you have the diagnostic enabled.
* Added in diagnostic texts some infos about fog distance: start-fog, end-fog limits and current fog color.
* Added the customize constant CUST_FIX_WATER_FOG_BUG, used to fix the problem of excessive saturation of fog color over transparent textures.
* Fixed bug. When Lara was in water 2 clicks deep and she had in front of her a wall she could become frozen.
* Fixed bug. This was a very bad bug. When a trigger was used about a static object placed in a room preceded by some empty rooms (in room list of map project) once the trigger had been performed many errors could occur: game frozen, damage to Lara's ponytail, crashes and other unpredictable behaviors. To fix this bug in your level it's necessary to re-build the .TOM file using the updated version of tomb_nextgeneration.dll ( or higher).
* Added ENV condition: ENV_ROOM_IS for Animation (or EnvMultCondition) script command. With this condition you can verify if Lara is in the room set in DistanceForEnv field. You can type in DistanceForEnv also some special constants of ROOM_.. type, to verify if lara is in (any) room of some ROOM_ type, like water, quicksand, outside etc.

So, die massiven Fogbugs vom vorhergehenden Update sind beseitigt. Außerdem hat Paolone gleichzeitig einiges neues gebracht. Mit dem FogRange-Kommando wird jetzt im ersten Wert festgelgt, wo der Distanznebel beginnt und mit dem zweiten die Entfernung, wo die max. Sättigung erreicht wird, wo also der Nebel dann absolut dicht ist. Was bedeutet das? Man kann jetzt z.B. superdichten Nebel machen oder auch pechschwarze Nacht. Außerdem hat Paolone die dynamischen Fogeffekte nochmals ausgebaut. Man kann die FogRanges dynamisch verändern und damit wechselnde Sichtweiten im Level haben. Damit kann man auch z.B. das Füllen einer Gaskammer simulieren. Man kann dynamische Effekte aufrufen, die wechselnde Sichtweiten hervorrufen, wie sie in einem Sandsturm oder im Nebeltreiben vorkommen.
Man kann außerdem allen Nebel ganz beseitigen oder zwischen Distanznebel und Nebelbällen hin-und herschalten usw..Dann gibt es die großartige Anpassung CUST_FIX_WATER_FOG_BUG, die die starke Einfärbung von transparenten/schimmernden Texturen mit starkem Nebel beseitigen.
Fogbulbs sind jetzt übrigens standardmäßig immer im gesamten Levelsichtbereich sichtbar.
Neu ist auch eine Umgebungsbedingung, die sich auf den Zustand des Raumes bezieht (außen, innen, Schaden, Wasser usw.) Mit deren Hilfe könnte man z.B. auch bestimmte Musik außen oder innen abspielen lassen oder wenn Lara im Wasser ist.


Saturday, July 18th 2009, 9:37am

Update, 16.juli
* Fixed bug in NGLE. When you loaded an external project (i.e. downloaded from somewhere) ngle signaled the wrong path of tga map and then it allowed you to select immediatly the correct path for tga map, but there was the bug that, after choosing correct tga file, ngle gave newly error: "Arg list too long". -

* Fixed bug about fog distance. On some computer the fog color persisted over the inventory items. -

* Added in NG_Center the icon to launch Meta-Sequoia program. -

* Fixed bug in NG_Center: in the [Setttings] panel, the path of strpix and wadmerger program were missing. -

* Fixed bug about Teeth Spikes. When you've set zero damage for teeth spikes, lara lost blood in spite of missing life lost. -

* Introduced EXTRA_ flag constants to use in Extra field of Enemy script command. The values are the same, so the old Enemy commands will continue to work fine, anyway now you can type a mnemonic constant instead of a number to set some special customizing to enemy. See descriptions of EXTRA_ constants in Reference panel of NG_Center -

* Added new EXTRA_ flag to disable the locust swarm attack from mutant: EXTRA_MUTANT_NO_LOCUSTS

Endlich kann man Projekte verschieben, wohin man will, ohne sich mit diesem Arg list too big-Kram rumärgern zu müssen! :thumbup:


Monday, July 27th 2009, 6:28pm

TRNG Mk1 released 27 July

* MK1 TRNG Full Installer. This is not a simple update but it is a full installer of the finished MK1 version of the TRNG. Version will not be developed as an update except as an update within the MK1 Full Installer to give to all people all the basic files required by future updates of TRNG Tools.
* Added in [Settings] panel of NG_Center the button [Change Version] to restore previous versions of TRNG tools. This button allows you to use the new Restore System, where you can restore a previous version of trng tools, or even to return to earlier versions. This feature works only from version, the basic version of MK1 TRNG Full Installer. This means you cannot use this feature to come back to versions older than
* Added in [Media] panel of NG_Center the [Object Manager] tool to find in Image Objects Collection an object whereby object name, level name or object type. The supplied Object Image Collection contains all objects of level editor wads and The Last Revelation tr4 files (989 objects). You can add new objects to the collection if you wish if you have the TRViewer program on your PC.
* Added in NG_Center the icon of TrViewer program to launch this program with a shortcut.
* Fixed bug in Action "Perform (E) flipeffect on <#>object" Above action worked simply by performing old flipeffects those, normally, available only from animcommands. When the flipeffect called by above action performed a change of position/visibility of animating object the change was not stored in savegame.
* Fixed bug in Elevator with Single Door. When an elevator used an animating single door, the position of door was not correctly saved/restored in/from savegame.
* Fixed bug in Enemy= script command. When you typed in Damage1, Damag2, Damage3 fields (the three last fields of Enemy command) the values IGNORE, the damage resulted as "0" in game. Now the IGNORE means "allow the standard damage for this Enemy".

Dieses Update kommt mit einem FullInstaller daher. Der Grund ist, dass dieses Update der Abschluss einer Entwicklungsphase ist, die auf die Beseitung von Bugs ausgerichtet war. Damit hat man eine sehr stabile TRNG-Version, auf die man zurückgreifen sollte, wenn man keine größeren Risiken eingehen will. Natürlich werden hier auch noch Bugs gefunden werden, die dann in geeigneter Art und Weise behandelt werden.
Wer allerdings weiterhin neue Features haben will, darf auf die kommenden Updates zurückgreifen, die dann auch ein höheres Bugrisiko haben.

Das obige Update enthält auch neue Features. Auf der Mediaseite des NG_Center findet man ein Programm mit einer Objektbibliothek sämtlicher TR4-Objekte mit Bild und Suche. Die Sammlung kann via TRViewer beliebig erweitert werden.
Außerdem gibt es ab sofort die Möglichkeit auf frühere Updates automatisch zurückzustellen. Man kann allerdings zu keinem früheren Update zurückgehen, als dem gegenwärtigen.

Nachtrag: Wenn man den TRViewer über den NG_Center (vom Objektmanager-Mediatool mittles Add New Objekt-Knopf) aufruft, wird dieser automatisch upgedatet. Damit sind einige bisherige Probleme des TRViewer auch gelöst. Ich konnte jedenfalls einige Level problemlos laden, die ich vorher nicht laden konnte. Es sollten jetzt alle tr4-Level gehen! Man kann dann damit ganz prima seine eigene Objektbibliothek anlegen!:thumbup:


Friday, July 31st 2009, 11:25am

So, nun doch noch ein Nachtrag für die MK1, um ein paar Bugs auszubessern:

TRNG released 30 July

* Fixed bug about incompatibility savegames created by older versions with newer. When a savegame created with an old version is loaded it will be read by a new version and in some circumstances the savegame will be not shown in load/save screen.
* Added global triggers: GT_ELEVATOR_STOPS_AT_FLOOR and GT_ELEVATOR_STARTS_FROM_FLOOR These two global trigger allow to detect when a given elevator reaches or leaves a specific floor.
* Fixed bug about hub Levels. When Lara returned to a previously visited level, the settings about fog distance color was lost.
* Fixed bug about "Arg list too big" message in NGLE. When you loaded an imported project (downloaded from the net, for example) the inner paths for .tga and .wad are uncorrect, and this is obvious. The problem was in the new method applied in version where the immediate request for tga map loading caused an error allowing spaces in path chosen by user. Now the spaces will be filled using short path format, with some "~1" characters in the path, like the old winroomedit did in that situation.


Monday, August 17th 2009, 10:25pm

TRNG released 17 August

* Fixed bug about Detector object. When you were in a level with the detector on the screen, and Lara went to another level with a finish trigger, the detector remained on the screen despite being missing in this target level.
* Added in NG_Center, in the [Strings] panel, a language selector to force the language to copy in trle folder and therefore to use in game.
* Enhanced in NG_Center the check about missing string in language text file when it is other than english.txt In previous versions, ng_center verified the presence only for texts in english.txt, while now it checks for presence of extra ng strings also in other languages when you select another language as "Main Language".
* Removed the flipeffect "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable Hardware Fog (onfly for nightmare effects)". Now this flipeffect has only the effect of enabling the hardware fog (but it should be already enabled by default, so it's no longer useful) The reason for this elimination is that the disabling of hardware fog has not the same effect on all computers and it could cause many problems with compatibility with previous dll versions.
* Fixed bug about incompatibility of savegames. When with versions greater than you loaded a savegame created with version older than the game screen appears almost black.
* Fixed bug in NGLE. When you performed an [Output Wad] or an [Exit and Play] operation, you risked having a crash. This was a bad bug, and theorically it could happen everytime, however it was more probable when you had a small level with few rooms.
* Added the PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS value for Parameters script command. With this new command you can store some big numbers to use in trigger type window with flipeffects or actions. The reason for this command is that in the Trigger Type Window it is not possible to type numbers bigger than 255, while using this new method you can use for your trigger some values up to 65535 or $FFFF
* Created new feature about TRNG Variables. There are too many new triggers for variables to list all here, anyway remember that all triggers (flipeffects, actions and conditions) start always with the description "Variables. ..." About description of TRNG Variables download the file where you find a project with some examples and a little html tutorial about advanced usage: trng timer, text placefolders and new skills with modification of critical memory zones.
* Added new feature about reading/modifing of Critical Memory Zones of trng tomb4 engine, to create by yourself new skills. In file you find also the full html documentation about the different critical memory zones, with descriptions for all known fields.
* Added in [Reference] panel of NG_Center the list "VARIABLE PLACEFOLDERS" with keycodes to add in your strings to show in game the content of trng variables.
* Added script command DiagnosticType to select what shows in Diagnostic mode on the screen. Since the diagnostic infos have been increased over time and others could be added in the future, it's necessary to be able to choose what shows, otherwise the full diagnostic data might not not fit within your screen space. Remark: if you omit the DiagnosticType command all infos will be shown at the same time but the screen is not able to host all this information because now there are also infos about trng variables.
* Added new diagnostic mode to perform a debug of script commands: triggerGroup, GlobalTrigger, Organizer and Switch. Using the DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS flag with DiagnosticType, you can have in the log created with Tomb4_log.exe utility (you can find in TRLETOOLS) the diagnostic of all script commands performed in game.
* Added new global triggers GT_BEFORE_SAVING_VARIABLES and GT_AFTER_RELOADING_VARIABLES, to give you the opportunity to save and restore in game some changes in critical memory zones.
* Added new global trigger GT_ALWAYS to perform continuously a triggergroup, until this global trigger is enabled.
* Added new global triggers: GT_TRNG_G_TIMER_EQUALS and GT_TRNG_L_TIMER_EQUALS to detect when a trng timer (global or local) reaches the given time.
* Added new global trigger: GT_KEYPAD_SHOWED and GT_KEYPAD_REMOVED. With these global triggers you can be informed when the keypad with specific item index will be shown or removed from the screen. In this way you can for example show a text during a pop up of KeyPad to inform the player what they could choose with this keypad.
* Added new script command Switch. The switch permits the performance of a single TriggerGroup from a list of triggergroup IDs, according to the value of some variable. Pratically it permits a conditional multiple performance.
* Added new flipeffect trigger "Organizer. Resume <&>Organizer in (E)way" With this flipeffect you can resume an organizer you had previously stopped, resuming from last performed command.
* Added new flipeffect trigger "Enemy. Freeze. Freeze <#>Enemy for (E)Seconds". With this flipeffect you can transform an (already) enabled enemy into a sort of statue for a desired time or forever and then you'll use another flipeffect to unfreeze him applying some effect like "vibration or explosion".
* Fixed bug about Wild Boar object. This was an old bug of original tomb4: when there was a wild-boar enabled
and you saved the game and reloaded the wild boar disappeared.
* Added customize constant CUST_SAVE_LOCUST to fix the old bug about missing of saving/restore operation of locust swarm in savegame. Remark: if you enable the saving of locusts (FISH slot) the only disadvantage is that the savegame will be bigger by about 2000 bytes.
* Added new env condtions ENV_PLAYER_IS_SLEEPING and ENV_PLAYER_WOKE_UP. You can use these condtions in Animation command to start some nice custom animation when Lara is in stand-by mode, i.e. when the player is not playing for some (given) time.
* Added new Condition trigger to test the distance from Lara of some moveable: "Lara. Distance. Lara is distant by <#>Moveable less or even than ..."
* Added new flipeffect "Inventory-Item. Pop up inventory to select the <&>Item in (E)way" With this trigger you can show the inventory with the desired item selected. Remark: this trigger works with many items (used as keys, puzzle, quest, examine, crowbar ect) but not with: weapons, flares, binocular or medipacks.
* Added new flipeffects to generate random numbers to copy in some variable:
"Variables. Numeric. Generate in <&>Numeric Variable the (E)random number"
"Variables. Numeric. Generate in <&>Numeric Variable a random CurrentValue"

Es gibt ein neues, riesiges Update. Es beinhalted einige wichtige Bugfixes, wie die Beseitigung des Problems beim Wad Output, aber auch Tonnenweise Neuigkeiten. Das Herzstück ist die Arbeit mit Variablen, sowohl solchen, die man selber definieren kann, als auch mit vorhandenen TR-Variablen. Die Arbeit mit Variablen beinhaltet die Aufzeichnung und Manipulierung von Spieleigenschafen. Eine Variable könnte z.B. die zeit sein, die seit einem bestimmten Event vergangen ist oder Variablen, die die Eigenschaften von Lara oder Gegnern beschreiben. Man kann damit praktisch sein eigenes TR-Game bauen. Auf Paolones Seite ist dazu ein Tutorialprojekt mit umfassender Dokumentation verhanden. Mit dabei ist auch ein umfassendes diagnostisches Tool um Variablen und ihre Veränderung im Spiel erforschen zu können. Die sache ist so fundamental und umfassend, dass man die zahllosen Anwendungen gar nicht überschauen kann. Absolut geniale Sache, aber natürlich auch viel Arbeit, um es gut anwenden zu können.


Wednesday, September 2nd 2009, 5:02pm

Mk2 TRNG released 2 September

* Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Error: no selected squares" NGLE gave this message when you clicked on [Ok] button of Trigger Type window and no selected square was present. It was not necessary to give an error message in this situation so it was removed.
* Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Can't overlap special trigger" NGLE gave this message also when there was no selected square.
* Added new flag SET_ACCEPT_EXTRA_TAILINFOS for Settings= command of [Option] setting. This setting forces trng engine to accept up to 32767 tail infos in the tr4 files. Also when using this setting the limit for ngle remains as the old limit of 1024 tail infos, therefore the only reason to use this setting is when you use meta2tr to replace the room meshes directly in tr4 file. Since meta2tr increases the number of tail infos you can use this setting to support the new extra tail infos. However, when you use the tr4 created by ng_tom2pc without changing it, this setting is futile and perhaps dangerous because it could create problems when textures are placed in mirror rooms.
* Added synstax for DiagnosticType script command. In previous version it had been forgotten.
* Enhanced script debugging mode (DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS) Now in DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS mode (the script debugging) will now show information about Elevator script commands.
* Fixed bug in NGLE. In previous versions there was a bug in the phase of releasing allocated resources after [Exit and Play] exiting. This bug caused a progressive reduction of Windows Virtual Memory resources everytime the builder exited from NGLE with [Exit and Play] button.
* Added flipeffects to apply invisible collision to rooms. Using this method you can get Lara to walk over static or moveable items. The flipeffects, all starting "Collision....", allow you to replace the original collision of statics and moveables with the new invisible collision of room, with the result that Lara will be able to walk, climb and monkey these items. Note: These are "fake" triggers. You can't export them in script or anim command because they will be used in building-time and not in run-time.
* Added Action trigger to disable the collision of moveables. "Collision. Disable the collisions of <#>Moveable".
This trigger is useful when you want to replace the original collision mode of moveable with your invisble room collisions set with above "Collision.." flipefffects. Remark: also for statics it's necessary to remove their original collision to be used with "Collision. " flipeffect, but in the case of statics you just add the value 4 to their OCB field to disable their collision.
* Added Action triggers for fine movement. There are new Action triggers to move with more precision a moveable in any direction. While other action triggers allow to translate a moveable setting the distance of movement in clicks, these new triggers allow more precise displacements. To locate these triggers search Remark: also these triggers could be used to help the adding of room collisions to moveables. In fact, in many circumstances the problem is that the moveable is not correctly aligned with the sector grid of the room. Using these action triggers you can move the item to align them exaclty with sector grids so as to get the most realistic collisions.
* Added new flipeffect: "Collision. Set the <&>Side of closed sector as non-hangable from Lara" This trigger works differently to other "collision" flipeffects. In this way, in fact, there is no real change on collisions but you can use this trigger to simulate a rounded edge where Lara will be not able to hang. Remark: this trigger could cause conflicts if you use it on climb walls. In this case Lara could be able to climb the wall but she will be not be able to perform first hanging despite being far from edge. If you need to handle this situation you should use a CONDITION trigger about distance of Lara from the floor (or from the edge).
* Added new NEF_ flags for Enemy command: NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_FLAT, NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_TILT1 and NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_TILT2. Adding one of above NEF values in NEF field of Enemy command you can transform an animating item in a bridge item where Lara will be able to walk. For example to transform the animating5 into a bridge_flat item just add this line in your [Level] section:
See the description of above NEF_ flags in Reference panel of NG_Center.
* Added new flag for GlobalTrigger command: FGT_HIDE_IN_DEBUG This flag doesn't change the behavior of the globaltrigger in runtime, but it removes the debugging messages in debug mode (DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS
diagnostic) for this globaltrigger. The reason to use this flag is when you are studying another script command
but this global trigger continues to fill the log with many messages of no interest.
* Added new PANEL objects to create invisible collisions. These new objects use a different collision control to support an height up to 2 sectors (the other moveable failed when the height is higher than 6 clicks) with a compute faster than tradition collision procedure. See the tutorial about the collisions for more information.
* Fixed bug about moving items. When you moved a door type object, some items in same room or in linked
rooms could disappear.

In diesen Update geht es neben der Beseitigung einige Bugs hauptsächlich um Möglichkeiten, eine unsihtbare Raumkollision so anzuwenden, das Objekte (Moveables und Statics) begehbar/bekletterbar werden bzw. das man an ihnen hangeln kann. Diese Kollision ist natürlich auch sektororientiert. Sie kann geneigt sein oder einzelne Ecken der Sektoren können angehoben sein. Das wird durch das Setzen von Collision-Flipeffekten erreicht.
Außerdem gibt es einen neuen Actiontrigger zur sehr präzisen Bewegung von Objekten. Animatings können mit Hilfe von NEF-Flags im Enemy-Skriptkommando als Brückenteile genutzt werden.
Im Collisions-Tutorialprojekt kann man die Anwendung der neuen Möglichkeiten sehen. Es gibt wieder eine ausführliche html-Dokumentation. Im wad des Tutorialprojekts sind auch neuartige Panelobjekte (spezieele unsichtbare Kollisionsobjekte) enthalten.


Tuesday, September 8th 2009, 5:30pm

TRNG released 7 september

* Enhanced elevator features.
Now the elevators (and raising blocks) are able to move up / down the vehicles like jeep and sidecar also when lara is not on board.

* Added new ENV_ conditions: ENV_DISTANCE_NORTH_WALL, ENV_DISTANCE_SOUTH_WALL, ENV_DISTANCE_EAST_WALL and ENV_DISTANCE_WEST_WALL Above conditions are very particular since they work in absolute way, ignoring the current facing of lara.
For this reason they should be used only with animations hardcoded for a specific room.

* Fixed bug of version.
In previous version it has been forgot a refuse of debugging code that could cause a slowing down in game.

* Added new NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag for Enemy script command.
Adding this flag the slot set in enemy command will be able to activate all heavy triggers in easy way.
By default only some moveables enable heavy triggers and for others it's necessary place an AI_ object in target sector where there is the heavy trigger to enable. Differently, with NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag the enemey will enable all heavy triggers where it moves over. For example to give this skill to all crocodiles of the level just add in [level] section this row: Enemy= CROCODILE, IGNORE, NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE

* Added new TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX flag for TriggerGroup command.
This flag forces the change of the target item of that action trigger with the moveable that has just enabled this triggergroup in game.
With this method you can realize this target: an enemy moves on some sector with a triggergroup, and he enables it (heavy type mode) and this enemy will be killed (or other action) from the action in triggergroup.
In this situation it's not important what enemy will enable the trigger since all will be killed in spite of original setting of exported action trigger.
Sse the description of TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX flag and also of NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag.

* Added new action triggers to attract enemies in some direction.
The serie of action triggers begins with "Enemy. (Physics) ..." text.
They work in similar way than "Lara. pysics ..." flipeffect triggers.

* Added new FADD_IGNORE_STATUS flag for AddEffect command.
By default the addeffect trigger will abort if the target moveable has not yet been enabled in game or if it had already killed/removed.
In some cirucstance this check about its status could be wrong and with some special items the result could be to fail the adding effect operation.
If you work with some of these special items (like some inventory items) you could add the FADD_IGNORE_STATUS flag. When trng finds this flag it ignores the status of moveable and it will apply always the effect also if the item appears invisible or disabled.

* Added lights for AddEffect command.
Now you can add to some moveable three kinds of light: ADD_LIGHT_FLAT, ADD_LIGHT_BLINK and ADD_LIGHT_SPOT.
See description of above ADD_ constants to have more informations.

* Added custom bar constants to be used with Customize=CUST_BAR script command.
Now, with the script command Customize=CUST_BAR you can use the bar types: BAR_CUSTOM1, BAR_CUSTOM2, BAR_CUSTOM3 and BAR_CUSTOM4.
With these values you can create custom bars to show on screen that work like the air-bar, health-bar ect, but in this case you can use them as you wish to show some custom value of your new skills.
Each custom bar is linked with a trng variable you chose and it will show the value in that variable like a progress bar.
See description of BAR_CUSTOM1 constant for more informations.

* Added new flipeffects: "Custom Bar. Show the <&>Custom bar on screen for (E)Seconds" and "Custom Bar. Hide the <&>Custom bar" to show or hide your custom bars.

* Added new customize constant: CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT With the command Customize=CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT you can customize the colors, intensity and frequency of light objects: AMBER_LIGHT, WHITE_LIGHT and BLINKING_LIGHT See the description of CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT constant for more informations.

* Updated the OCB LIST reference.

* Added new flipeffect: "Flipmap. Alternate continuosly the <&>flipmap with the (E)Frame interval" With this flipeffect you can create a fast continuos swapping between main room and flipped room.
The main target of this trigger is to create interesting light effects alternating the lights of main room with that of flipped room. Just you change a bit the position or the colors of flipped room lights to have nice effects non reachable in other way.

Es gibt wieder einige schöne Neuerungen in diesem Update. So kann man jetzt Enemies mittels neuem Flag NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING im Enemy- Skiptkommando ganz einfach Heavytrigger durch einfaches Laufen über das Feld auslösen lassen. Mittels des Flags TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX in einem Trigger einer Triggergruppe, kann man z.B. einen Actiontrigger, der eigentlich nur auf einen ganz bestimmten Enemy wirkt, auf jeden beliebigen Feind auch aus verschiedenen Slots wirken lassen, der den Trigger überquert.
Das AddEffect-Scriptkommand wurde ausgebaut. Jetzt kann man mittels dem Flag FADD_IGNORE_STATUS den Flipeffect in jedem Moveable unabhängig von dessen Status wirken lassen. Bisher mußte man das Objekt erst triggern, was aber mit manchen Moveables zu Schwierigkeiten führte, wie z.B. Pushables. So kann man Pushables und anderen Moveables auch diese Effekte zufügen. Außerdem kann man jetzt auch verschiedene Lichteffekte mit dem Addeffect-Kommando zu Moveables hinzufügen.
Einige Lichtobjekte sind mit Customize= CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT,... jetzt auch anpassbar, so dass man Farbe, Intensität und Blinkeffekte einstellen kann.
Mit Customize=CUST_BAR,... kann man jetzt auch vier Typen von frei wählbaren und anpassbaren Balken im Spiel hinzufügen. Das ermöglicht die grafische Darstellung einer Vielzahl verschiedener (zeitlicher) Veränderungen, also z.B. wie Laras Kraft bei einer Aktion abnimmt (Hangeln, Springen,...) oder wie ihre persönliche Kraft im Verlaufe eines Levels durch bestimmte Aktionen zunimmt oder was immer man auch darstellen will.
Darüber hinaus gibt es noch einige nette Sachen mehr.


Monday, October 5th 2009, 8:57pm


# - Fixed bug in NGLE about [Exit and Play] button.
In previous two versions, the 'autosave.prj' file had been removed in spite of opposite settings.

# - Added new Condition triggers to compare variables with variables.
Added condition triggers to compare the Current Value variable with other common numeric variables: "Variables. CurrentValue is ... than <#>Variable"

# - Ehanced Collision Panel.
Now the panels will be never drawn in game. The difference respect previous version is that, while in previous version the collision panels had drawn but with transparent textures to be not visible, now, in current version, the collision panels will be fully ignored by drawing routines, saving cpu time.
Now it's neither necessary that collision panels had transparent textures, since only their collision box will be used in game.

# - Added Tight-Rope item.
It has been imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles the null mesh item: tight-rope.
Lara is able to walk on this rope like an acrobat.
See the Chronicles demo project for more infos.

# - Added new action triggers to enable/disable a tight-rope item: "Trigger. (Tight-Rope) Disable <#>Tight-Rope", "Trigger. (Tight-Rope) Enable newly <#>Tight-Rope (previously disabled)" The common triggers don't work fine with tight-rope emitter.
See the readme.txt file in demo project.

# - Added Laser-head item.
It has been imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles the Guardian (laser-head) object.
The guardian shots laser rays from his eyes and move continuosly the head to check the zone.
To kill him it's necessary hit him to the eyes destroying both them.
The placing of Guardian object is a bit complicated so consult the demo project to learn more about him.

# - Added in OCB LIST of Reference panel, some new OCB values for Tight-Rope object.

# - Added Hydra object, imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles.
The hydra is named "little dragon" in some unofficial reference.
The hydra shot flames or energize balls. It can hit lara with its beak.
Using correct OCB you can to do work two Hydras in couple, or change the type of shoted ammo.

# - Fixed bug about custom bars.
In previous version the (further) text for bar name was printed in uncorrect position with some screen resolution (like 640 x 480 windowed)

# - Increased the number of TriggerGroups, from 100 to 255
# - Added new object: ENEMY_SUB_MARINE This object comes from TR Chronicles. It tries to hit lara using a torpedo missile.
You should use it in deep waters because it neeed of some space to move in better way.

# - Added in Object List window of NGLE program the button "Rename".
With Rename button you can change the name of slot to have more meaningful names. This change will affect only in that project while in other projects or in wadmerger (or other programs) the name of the slots will be yet that standard.
You can use this feature to give mnemonic names to some item, like "PUZZLE_ITEM_1" renamed as "GOLD_STAR", or ARCHITECTURE3 renamed as BIG_COLUMN ect.
Remark: I suggest to perform a backup to your main projects before trying this new feature since each new feature has some grade of risk.
I performed some tests but I've not the time to do intensive beta-testing.

# - Fixed bug in action trigger: "Effect. Remove from <#>Enemy the (E)AddEffect from script.txt" In previous version the removing "add effect" didn't work.

# - Restyled window of NG_Center program.
Now you can resize the NG_Center or working at full screen using the common Windows gadget.

Diese Update bring einige neue Objekte aus Chronicles mit sich: Hydra, Laser Head, Enemy-Submarine, Tightrope (horizontales Seil). Auf Paolones seite findet man auch das Chronicles-Objects-Tutorialprojekt dazu.
Außerdem gibt es z.B. im NG_Center eine Full Window-Option oder im NGLE kann man die Objekte mit eigenen ausdrucksstarken Namen benennen usw..


Sunday, November 1st 2009, 5:45pm

* Fixed bug in Customize=CUST_WEAPON command
Almost all customizing performed on crossbow or grenadegun weapon had no effect in previous versions

* Added the diagnostic type: DGX_WEAPON_ANIMATION You can add in DiagnosticType= command the new constant DGX_WEAPON_ANIMATION to have on screen the infos about animation and state-if of hardcoded management of current weapon animation
Remark: this diagnostic works only on weapons different than pistols and UZI.

* Added new critical memory zone: the Inventory Memory zone
The Inventory Memory permits to change some setting about the viewing of items in the inventory
It has been updated the Variables TRNG tutorial to add the new descriptions about Inventory Memory.

* Added new underwater weapon: the Harpoon gun from Tomb Raider 3 You can download the "" demo level to find the new weapon and a little example about its usage.

* Added new customize constant CUST_HARPOON , to enable and customize the new harpoon in your levels.

* Fixed bug in Customize= CUST_INNER_SCREENSHOT script command
The further flag QSF_TRUE_COLOR (to add to other QSF_ size image) was ignored in previous versions.

* Added new customize constant CUST_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE This customize allows you to capture a fast sequence of screenshots
You can set the durate (in seconds) of the sequence, the interval of capture, and the size and quality of images
Read the description of CUST_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE constant for more infos.

* Added in trng engine a check on current level and configuration to give immediatly an help to the beginners about a possible crash in game
The check procedure verifies the presence of critical files like: load.bmp, uklogo.pak, title.tr4, script.dat and (some) language.dat Other informations could be found in last_crash file created after a crash
These infos will be showed in a section named "QUICK DIAGNOSTIC LOG".

Remark: another news of this check procedure is about levels present in script.dat but missing in data folder like .tr4 file
In this situation the player will see in New Game screen these missing levels marked with the text "MISSING".

* Fixed bug in Enemy-Sub Marine
In previous version, the sub-marine instead emitting bubbles it emitted the "D" letter.

* Imported new object from Tomb Raider 3: the Frog-man
This is an underwater enemy that tries to kill lara using an harpoon gun
You can find it in demo level: file.

* Fixed bug in tight-rope object
In previous version, when lara walked on tight-rope in Very Easy Mode (Negative ocb value), if plyer hit right/left arrows lara hanged.

* Fixed bug in Action triggers "Enemy. (Physics) ..."
In previous versions with some moveables the position was not updated in saving/restoring savegame operation.

* Fixed bug in rain procedure: casted rooms
In previous versions the rain had problems with casted outside rooms, where the rain didn't reach the bottom room in the zone where it had an hight less than one sector

* Fixed bug in rain procedure: dead zones
In previous versions the rain can disappear immediatly in according with the direction where lara was looking.

* Added customize constant CUST_RAIN
With the command Customize=CUST_RAIN, ... you can customize the rain with values differents by the pre-set data in NGLE program room for room
In this command you can set also some flags (FR_..) to enable sound effects for rain, to fix the bug in original code about the sprinklers in some rooms or to add drips to lara after she went under the rain.

Caution: if you type values too much different than default values you could get crashes or bad working

* Added new flipeffect triggers to perform swap-mesh operations
"Lara. (Mesh) Swap Mesh of <&>Extra Lara Slots with that of (E)Slot" "Swap Mesh. Swap mesh of <&>Slot with mesh of (E)Slot"

* Added new OCBs for JEEP and SIDECAR objects
By default the beam light is present on the sidecar while it's missing on the jeep
With these new OCBs you can change these default settings
See the description for JEEP and SIDECAR in OCB Settings of the Reference panel.

* Fixed bug in Enemy Sub-Marine object
In previous version (in some cirucstances) the missile exploded immediatly when it was yet in the sub-marine.

Die Freunde von Wasserleveln können sich freuen. Lara kann jetzt die TR3-Harpoongun (im Crossbowslot) nutzen. Nachdem U-Boot gibt es jetzt auch noch den TR3-Taucher als UW-Gegner! Auf Paolones seite kann man sich dazu auch ein Beispielprojekt runterladen (Harpoon).
Außerdem kann jetzt nicht nur im Lara-Slot munter Meshes getauscht werden, sondern auch in den Lara-Extra-Slots (Waffen, Flare, Torch). Man kann also Lara jetzt alles mögliche während des Spiels in die Hände drücken.
Es gibt natürlich noch einiges neues mehr und auch einige Bugs wurden beseitigt.


Tuesday, December 1st 2009, 5:26pm


# Updated the demo file.
It has been added the original tr3 sound effects used by Frog-Man.
Now in the there are two wad version: the old standard version, with remapped sounds in tomb4 slots, and the v130 wad version with original tr3 sounds. See the readme.txt file in

# Fixed bug about Hydra.
In previous version the Hydra was able to aim (and hit) lara from any (unlimited) distance.
Now it has been added a max distance for aiming, other that Hydra will be not able to "see" Lara.

# Fixed bug about rename Slot in NGLE.
In previous version the [Rename] feature in Object list of NGLE program caused errors like "EVIL: Unknown object type detected" after reloading of changed project.

# Warning: discovered an hardcoded limit about number of moveable items.
In spite of the max number has been increased from 255 to 1024 items, there are some inner procedures of default tomb4 where a moveable with index greather than 255 could be not handled correctly.
This problem is not solvable and it could happen for moveables having some hardcoded add effect like fire, smoke or blood.
My suggestion is to try to assign to enemies (moveables with AI and killable) the first 255 indices while you can use the remaining indices (higher than 255) for animatings, doors and null mesh objects.

# Fixed bug about Hydra.
In previous version the little fire preceding the shooting was in the addome, while now it has been moved in the mouth of the hydra.

# Fixed bug about Hydra.
In previous version the HYDRA_MISSILE mesh (flames) was not visible when hydra shot.
Differently now the the missile is visible but you have to use the new updated chronics.wad file you find in Chronicles Objects demo sample.

# Added new OCB values for ENEMY_SUB_MARINE object Now you can enable the sub marine missile to go off from the water room.
You can also disable the bubbles from the back of the sub-marine.

# Fixed bug in ENEMY_SUB_MARINE In previous version in some cirucstances the sub-marin froze on speaked floor.

# Added new customize constant: CUST_TR5_UNDERWATER_COLLISIONS With this setting you can replace the current tr4 collision of underwater lara with the collisions used under tr5 (TR Chronicles).
The tr5 collisions have the advantage to NOT stop Lara when she touches a wall, but the engine will move and rotate her to reach correct position to pass over.

# Fixed bug in flipeffect: "Lara. (Mesh) Swap Mesh of <&>Extra Lara Slots with that of (E)Slot" This bug has been fixed, anyway when you use this flipeffect remember that, to get a visible change it's necessary in some circustances use also the flipeffect "Lara. (Mesh) Set single <&>Lara mesh with mesh got from (E)slot" This requirement is necessary only if lara had already in her hand that object, while (different case) if lara had no extra item in the hand then you have to avoid the second flipeffect "Lara. (Mesh) Set single <&>Lara mesh ..."

# Increased by a 30% the inside mesh buffer.
In previous versions with some "monster" levels there was a crash looking in some direction caused by an overload of inside mesh buffer.

# Fixed bug in Laser Head (The guardian) After saving game and reloading the Guardian had big problems to aim Lara when she was in higher position than Guardian. (He shaked the head like a mad)

# Added new customize constant for Dart Emitters: CUST_DARTS With this customize you can change speed, color and time of emitting. More, you can assign the performing of a TriggerGroup when lara will be hit by a dart. You can also fix the bug about fake poisoning of darts using the DRT_FIX_POISON_BUG flag.
Remark: read carefully the description of CUST_DARTS constant becuase this customize works in different way respect other customize.

# Added new flags for AddEffect command: FADD_FIRE_STRIP = used with ADD_FLAME to have a fired horizontal strip FADD_NO_SOUND = disable sound of effect (mist or fire) FADD_VORIENT_90/180/270 = fix a problem about vertical orienting with some moveables where the start position of the mesh has a different vertical facing respect than first animation (like the Jeep)

# Added new extra fields in command AddEffect= for ADD_FLAME effect.
Now you can set intensity (size) of the fire and wheter it is able to burn Lara or less.

# Added to action trigger "Enemy. Kill <#>object in (E) way" another disabling method: "Disable emitter" Some special items, like the fire/smoke/dart emitters could be difficultous to disable/remove. The correct way to untrigger these emitters is to use this new "Disable emitter" method.

# Fixed bug in harpoon gun.
When you set unlimited ammo for harpoon the number showed in inventory becamed negative (-2, -3, ect).

# Fixed bug in rain procedure In previous version ( it rained also in non-outside rooms.

# Fixed bug about usage of title.tr4 with no extra ng header This is an old bug.
When trng engine found a title.tr4 level with no extra ng header (i.e. a title.tr4 that it had not been created with ngle + ng_tom2pc tools) the animated textures in title didn't work.

# Fixed bug in rain procedure In previous version with some room architecture there was a crash when the new level had just been loaded

# WARNING! Added new field to GlobalTrigger script command.
Now the last (and new) field is "IdOnFalseTriggerGroup" and it could be used to perform a TriggerGroup when the global condition is false.
If you get error messages in your old script.txt about GlobalTrigger commands, just you add an ", IGNORE" field at bottom of GlobalTrigger line.

# Added new flags for CUST_AMMO customize.
It has been added the flags: AMMO_ADD_GUN_SHELL, AMMO_ADD_SHOTGUN_SHELL and AMMO_REMOVE_SHOTGUN_SHELL With above flags you can modiy the default behavior of ammos about the shell-casing.

# Added new customize constant: CUST_FLARE You can customize the flare adding sparks or fire and changing the color, durate and intensity.

# Fixed bug about condition triggers "Lara. Distance. Lara is distant by <#>Moveable less or even than .." In previou version the compute was wrong and the condition returned always true.

# Added new Condition Trigger: "Inventory. The just selected item from inventory is <#>Item" This condition is interesting when you wish create a custom interactive item, where it's necessary using some inventory item to engage it.
It works like the keys for the doors, the combo items with some hole combos, or the crowbar for some woodness doors.
The advantage to use this method respect to the global trigger GT_USED_INVENTORY_ITEM, is that, with this (local) condition, you save a lot of cpu time since the global triggers work continuosly while the local condition will work only when lara is over a specific sector.
Remark: when you manage the correct selected item remember to perform also this trigger: ; Exporting: TRIGGER(-245:0) for FLIPEFFECT(342) ; <#> : Variables. Memory. Set in <&>Code Memory the (E)Negative number ; <&> : Inventory Item just chosen from inventory (example a key to open a door) (Long) ; (E) : Value = -1 ; Values to add in script command: $2000, 342, $FF0B The reason is that otherwise you'll listen the "NO" sound sample after the usage of this inventory item.
Remark: not all items may be handled in this way, you can use crowbar, puzzle and key items but some items have an harcoded management (like medipack, binocular, waterskin ect) and they will be handled immediatly from the engine and for this reason the condition will be never true for these items.
Remark: About the usage with the crowbar remember that it should be you to perform a swapmesh to place a crowboar in the hand of lara because this operation is not made byself from the engine.
It is for this reason that there is no HOLD_ constant about crowbar for the ENV_HOLD_EXTRA_ITEM_IN_HANDS in ENV conditions, because it's not been foreseen that lara can hold (continuosly) in her hands the crowbar.
If you want that it will be used the crowbar to interactive with your object you should place in your custom animation an exported trigger (like animcommand) to perform the swap mesh of lara's hand with crowbar, and at end of animation another swap mesh to restore a free hand, like the engine performs for doors opened with the crowbar.

Wieder mal ein umfangreiches Update mit vielen Bugfixes und Neuerungen.
Unter den neuerungen sind umfangreiche Anpassungsmöglichkeiten für Flares und Darts, ein paar Erweiterungen für den Add Flame-Effekt, die Möglichkeit Unterwasser die TR5-Kollision für Lara zu verwenden, die ein besseres Steuerung an Wänden etc. erlaubt oder auch erweiterte Möglichkeiten, mit Inventarobjekten Aktionen auszulösen.

Achtung: Im Globaltrigger-Kommando wurde der syntax verändert, was erfordert, das an bereits existiernede Globaltrigger noch ein IGNORE mehr am Ende angehängt werden muss, damit die weiter funktionieren. Der Scripter meckert ansonsten aber auch.

Achtung: Paolone hat festgestellt, dass manche hardgecodete Operaton, die bestimmte Objekteffekte (Blut, Feuer etc.) betreffen, möglicherweise nur bei Ojekten mit den ersten 255 Indezes im Editor richtig ausgeführt werden (Es sind ja jetzt 1024 Objekte möglich!). Darum emfielt er, das man versucht, Enemies einen der ersten 255 Indezes zuzuweisen.


Sunday, January 24th 2010, 6:30pm

So, Paolone ist nach einer kleinen Auszeit wieder mit einem neuen Update zurück! :thumbup:
NEWS IN version
- It has been added the new object FISH_EMITTER
The fish emitter works like the pirahnas in tomb raider 3, anyway this object is not the same because there have been problems in the importing phase since the code in tr3 used a different particle system. So this is a new object with some new features: you can choose between four different fish types and you can set if you want have predator fish (like piranhas) or unoffensive tropical fish for decorative targets.
Remark: since in the old tomb4 there was an object named "FISH" but in the reality that slot was a LOCUST emitter, to avoid confusion , the new fish emitter will be placed in new slot named "FISH_EMITTER" while the old "FISH" object now it has been renamed as "LOCUST_EMITTER".
WARNING: there is the chance that you got an error message when you reload your project wheter you had placed the (old) FISH object.
The ngle program will ask you:
"Retain All Triggers
(Remap To Lara?)"
Then, indifferently you answer yes or no, the FISH objects will be removed by your project.
The only difference is that, if you answer [No] the trigger to activate the FISH object will be preserved but now it will point to Lara (instead that to FISH)
To reduce the troubles with this problem it is better loading your project (only if it has some FISH object (locust) used, of course) with the old version, then you find where you placed the FISH objects using [Advanced Search] button. Sign the room and position of your fish objects and at end, update to new version, load the project and then place the LOCUST_EMITTER where you had the FISH objects.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it was not possible let a FISH slot for locust while the real FISH was in other slot.

- Fixed bug about vehicles on the elevator.
In previous version the vehicles were moved correctly on the elevator when lara was driving them, but letting alone the vehicle on elevator, it disappeared moving the elevator to other floors.

- Fixed internal bug about shatters
In previous version in the savegame it was saved infos for all extra statics also when they were not shatters.
This bug caused only a waste of space in the savegame.

- Added new customize constant: CUST_SET_TEXT_COLOR
This customize allows to change the default color for many texts in menu, options screen, inventory mode, statistics screen ect
You can set a new color for wished text type simply typing the text to change, with a TT_ constant value, and typing the wished CL_ .. color constant.

- Added new script command: CombineItems
With this new command you can create new combining rules about those inventory items that were able to be combined to get a new item.
Thanks to this command you can create a weapon (or medipack or examine items) combining two or more different items.
See description of CombineItems command in "Script new commands" section of "Reference" panel of NG_Center program.

- Added new flipeffect trigger: "Swap Mesh. Swap mesh of current Horizont object with <&>Slot mesh"
With this flipeffecf you can change the current horizont in game.
You have to copy some (new) horizont object in your wad, in some "... _MIP" slot, and then you'll be able to replace it in game.

- Fixed bug about Lara's invulnerability.
In the flipeffect: "Lara. (Health) Lara invulnerable for <&>time with (E)effect"
there was a bug when it has been set a limited time (like some seconds) and the game was saved and reloaded before ending the effect time. In this situation, after reloading, lara remained constantly invulnerable forever.

- Fixed bug in action trigger: "Move. Move continuously forward-backward <#>animating of (E) clicks"
In previous versions when you applied above action on some moveable with facing west or east (in ngle view) the trigger failed creating a weird freezing and blinking of moveable.

- Added customize constant: CUST_SET_STILL_COLLISION
With this customize you can change the collision method used when Lara touches statics or moveables.
In default tomb4, when Lara hits an item, she continues to move legs and arms in weird way, while using the still collision (some people called it "hard collision") lara will be stopped with splat when she is in front of the item, or, when there is an acute angle of impact, she will be turned like it happens when lara touches a wall.
See description of CUST_SET_STILL_COLLISION constant in Reference panel.

- Added to CUST_SHOW_AMMO_COUNTER customize the new field: ShowCounterFlags (SHOWC_...) field.
You can type some SHOWC_.. constant in this field to customize furtherly the ammo counter on screen.
In particular way you can use the new constants: SHOWC_OMIT_AMMO_NAME, SHOWC_USE_GRAPHIC_AMMO and SHOWC_USE_GRAPHIC_WEAPON
See the SHOWC_.. constants in Reference panel of NG_Center program.

Was ist neues dabei: Analog zu dem, was man schon von TREP kennt, gibt es jetzt auch hier die Möglichkeit, Inventarobjekte mittels Skriptkommando frei zu kombinieren und für Objekte kann man Hard Collision einstellen. Für die Standardtexte kann man Farben wählen, den Horizont mittles Flipeffekt wechseln und einen neuen Slot für einen Fischschwarm mit verschiedenen Typen von Fischen einfügen usw.
Ein paar Bugs wurden auch wieder beseitigt.
Das Fish-Tutorialprojekt erkklärt und zweigt den Gebrauch des neuen Fishobjekts, des Horizontwechsels und neuer Anpassungsmöglichkeiten für den Ammocounter.


Sunday, February 28th 2010, 10:37am

Update-News für Version

- Added new tool: NG Doctor
In the the "Tool2" panel of NG_Center program, you can find the "NG Doctor" tool.
This tool performs a diagnostic analyse of your installation about TRNG tools and TRLE folder and also about last project you were building.
With NG Doctor you get a doctor response very useful to discover many well-known problems, or simply to have a description of your system to post on some forum to get help from other level builders.
I suggest to expert level builders, that very often help the beginners on forums, to require the doctor response from these users, so to have many techinical informations

- Fixed bug in flipeffect trigger "Lara. (Mesh) Swap meshes of Lara with <&>slot in (E)way"
There were 2 bugs in this trigger.
One bug, the last borned, created a chaos with any attempt to swap lara's meshes, while the other (oldest) bug created problems when new skin of lara had more or less number of vertices of default lara's skin.

- Added new tool: Remap Lara Skin
When you change the Lara_skin object you need to remap some critical vertices for hair hole in the Lara's head.
If you changed the meshes of HAIR slot you have to remap also its vertices and same speech but yet more complicated is when you wish use also a swap mesh of Lara in game, using a second lara_skin with meshes differents than the first (from beginning) lara_skin.
The new tool [Remap Lara Skin] that you find in [Tools2] panel of NG_Center program, is able to perform all above operations for you in automatic way.
In particular way this tool is able to:
1) Remap in automatic way the vertices of hair hole, for adult or young Lara (ponytail or braid)
Remark: in some circustances you should give some informations to the tool, anyway there are some other tools and references to help you, that you find clicking on [Tools for manual remapping] of [Remap Lara Skin] window.
2) Align the lara's meshes of LARA_SKIN object with the joint vertices of LARA_SKIN_JOINTS object.
This feature is fully automatic, just only you choose the tollerance for coupling.
3) Remap the vertices of HAIR object in automatic way. This is useful when you modify the mehses of HAIR object
4) Align and remap vertices of slots used for future swap mesh of lara.
This feature is very important when the new lara_Skin is not simply the first lara skin with different textures, but it is really different in its mehses. In this case in fact, if you don't remap with this tool the new lara_skin, after the swap mesh flipeffect the joints will have always big problems.

- Added in Script editor of NG_Center program the new hotkey F1
Typing F1 while you are editing a command, you can discover what is the first free ID number for that command.
For example while you are typing:

TriggerGroup= _

Where the "_" character shows the current editing position, just you type F1, to have the first free ID for current command, and so, in above example, it will be the first non-used ID for the TriggerGroup command in current [Level] section.
This feature works for all script commands that requires a univocal ID number in first field: GlobalTrigger, AddEffect, TriggerGroup, MultEnvCondition ect.

- Added new tool: Texturize DXF File
This tool is useful for who uses very often change objects with StrPix and MetaSequoia program.
If you instead creating a whole new object, you change only some object already present you have the boring situation to lose all previous texturing of the original object after the exporting from metasequoia.
The "Texturize DXF File" borns to avoid this problem: with this tool you can restore all textured faces of original object, i.e. those faces you had not changed in metasequoia.
In specific way you can:
* Add new mesh to old object, restoring all original texturing of old object in metasequoia dxf output.
* Move an object in 3d space and restoring the original texturing.
* Remove a little side of old object, preserving the texturize of untouched faces
* Export two textured objects from StrPix, paste togheter with MetaSequoia, and then restore the textures for all faces of the final object exported from MetaSequoia.

- Added new TriggerGroup flag: TGROUP_SINGLE_SHOT
When you add this flag to first number of first trigger of the TriggerGroup you create a single-shot TriggerGroup. This triggergroup will be performed only once in current level.
The single-shot trigger groups are very important to fix that limitation about the trigger zone where you place same trigger in two or more closed sectors in the map.
When you wish that all this trigger zone worked like a single-shot trigger you have a problem, because each trigger will work in one-shot way but individually and this means that lara could engages newly the same trigger when she will touches another sector in that trigger zone.
Currently the only way to avoid this problem is to export the trigger in script format and copy it in a TriggerGroup command. Then add to first number the TGROUP_SINGLE_SHOT flag, and at end replace in the level the original trigger with a "perform trigger group" flipeffect.
In this way the triggergroup will be performed only once, and when lara will pass over other trigger sectors of that same zone, noting will happen.

- Added new flipeffect: "TriggerGroup. Enable newly the one-shot <&>TriggerGroup already performed"
Since it's not possible perform newly a triggergroup in single-shot mode that had been already performed, when you wish perform however it newly the only way is to use this flipeffect to remove the "already-performed" status for the wished TriggerGroup.

- Replaced the "Chronicles-Objects" demo on The Next Generation website:
In previous version there was a wrong object in the wad: the HYDRA_MISSILE object was not correct and it was not visible in game.

- Fixed bug in Hydra object about the pulsing fire
In previous version the Hydra, before shooting, had in the mouth a pulsing fire. Since the mode of pulsing was weird it has been removed. Now the fire remains in linear way with no pulsing.

- Fixed bug about CUST_SET_TEXT_COLOR customize.
In previous version the means of TT_STATISTICS_VALUES and TT_STATISTICS_DESCRIPTIONS was inverted.

Remark: I remember it's necessary using the CUST_SET_TEXT_COLOR customize in [Title] level when you wish change color for main menu, new level screen, or settings panel.

- Fixed bug about activation of normal triggers with RollingBall.
When you placed an ocb = 64 in RollingBall this object will engages common triggers, i.e. those trigger that normally will be enabled only by Lara.
In this situation there was a bug in previous versions: the rollingaball set some status for Climb, Monkey, Death and Mine sectors like it was Lara, and lara inherited that status with weird collateral effects.

- Enhanced FADD_FIRE_STRIP in AddEffect script command.
In previous version the orienting of fire strip, enabled with the FADD_FIRE_STRIP flag, worked fine only when the object had a fixed and perfect facing in the directions: north, south, east or west.
Differently, now, the fire strip works for any facing of the object.

- Fixed bug about FFL_FLAT_LIGHT flag.
In the Customize=CUST_FLARE command, the FFL_FLAT_LIGHT flag didn't work fine and the light had yet a blinking intensity.

- Added new script command StandBy
The StandBy command allows to engage a special camera effect when the player don't touch game commands for a given time.
This feature is interesting to give to the player the chance to see lara in the eyes, finally.
Since there are always better new skins for Lara it is a pity that the face of Lara was always hidden.
You can download the "" demo project to see some suggestive standby mode you can use.

- Added new flipeffect trigger to enable alternative StandBy commands.
The new flipeffect: "Camera. Enable the <&>StandBy camera effect for (E)seconds", allows to enable a camera effect based on settings typed in some StandBy command.
The advantage of StandBy settings is that you can move camera around of lara, and up/down and changing the distance, too.

- Added new flipeffect to freeze all enemies.
The new flipeffect: "Enemy. Freeze all enemies for <&>seconds in (E)way", allows to freeze all enemies in same time in easy way.
This feature is already present in StandBy command when you use the FSB_FREEZE_ENEMIES flag.

- Fixed bug in Equipment command.
In previous version it was not possible set unlimited ammo with a command like:

Equipment= CROSSBOW_AMMO1_ITEM, -1

In game the result was to have 255 ammo.

- Fixed bug in Still (hard) collision feature.
In previous version when it had been enabled the still collision, lara continued to move arms/legs when she splat on some item while she was running with dash.

Neben einer Menge Bugkorrekturen bietet dieses Update vor allen Dingen drei neue Tools, die man via Tools2-Fenster im NG_Center abrufen kann.
Sehr wichtig bei Bug/Crash-Problemen ist der NG_Doctor, der die Installation/das gewählte Projekt auf Probleme untersucht und einen Report erstellt, der in Zukunft dann hier auch bei Problemen gepostet werden sollte.
Das zweite neue Tool Remap Lara Skin macht ein Remap des Lara_Skin-Objektes im originalen oder in anderen Slots in Bezug auf das Hair-Objekt/das LARA_SKIN_JOINTS-Objekt.
Das dritte neue Tool hilft beim Texturieren von Objekten in DXF-Format in verschiedenen Situationen und dürfte die Objektbauer erfreuen.
Außerdem gibt es ein neues StandBy-Kommando, das neue Kamerapositionen erlaubt, wenn das Spiel im Ruhezustand ist.


Sunday, August 8th 2010, 8:10pm


- Added the chance to translate NG_Center program and the description of new triggers of NGLE program in other languages.

If you are interested you should download the [Translation TRNG SDK] zip file that you find on:

In the TT-SDK packet you find also an html tutorial about how translating trng tools with many important warnings and suggestions.

- It is available an Italian translation for NG_Center program.
I file italiani li trovi nella pagina:
Decomprimi il file zip direttamente nella cartella di NG_Center e poi avvia il programma NG_Center.

- Enhanced "Set Trigger Type" window.
In NGLE it has been increased the width of Trigger Type window to let more character for trigger descriptions. This change borns to easy the support of languages different than english, since we know that english is a very compact language but it's not the same for others like german or italian.
Now the characters for trigger description are increased by about 70%.

It has been changed also the position of [Find ] button respect to text box for find, because in the past some beginner made the error to confuse the text box for find with the argument for triggers.

It has been added the button: [Find Trigger Number] to locate a specific trigger knowing its number.
This button has been added to support the multi-language features, too. In fact, when there will be trigger descriptions in english, german, french ect, on the international forum there could be the problem to describe and recognize correctly the different triggers. Thanks to this new button it will be possibile speak about a trigger like "flipeffect 143" or "condition 31" and each user will be able to show imemdiatly the trigger in his language typing that short description in input box showed by [Find Trigger Number] button.

For same, above, reason, there is another little news: now in the title of Set Trigger Type window it will be showed always the syntetic description of current trigger (for example the title could be: "Set Trigger Type - ACTION 35") to have always clear the sintetic description for each trigger.

- Fixed bug in [Remap Lara Skin] tool.
In previous version the meshes with more than 128 vertices were not correctly remapped.
Probably this tool will require further fixings.

- Fixed bug about flipeffect: "Lara. (Mesh) Swap meshes of Lara with <&>slot in (E)way"
When you used above trigger swapping also the Joints of Lara, some joints were missing in game.
1) Remember to remap the original lara skin/joint and also the new skin/joint (for future mesh swap) using the [Remap Lara Skin] tool, when you changed the meshes of old Lara.
2) In the lara_skin_joints used for futute meshswap the meshes should be the same of beginning joints, you can change only the textures applied on the meshes of the two lara_skin_joints objects.

- Added new action trigger: "Enemy. (OCB) Change the OCB value of <#>Moveable with (E)Big Number value"
With this trigger it is possible change the OCB value of some moveable in game.
Theorically this operation was possible also using trng variables but with this trigger is more easy for those people that don't understand very well the variables.
Remark: changing an ocb in game, it's not sure that the result was always that you wish, because in some cases the ocb value was read at begin of the level and for this reason the following changes have no effect or a bad effect. You have to try to discover what objects support an ocb changing in run-time.

Above descriptions had been added in version, but then, for a mistake, they were removed from ocb list in last versions.

- Added new Action trigger: "Turn. Turn <#>Animating around the center at North (E)Distance in circular way"
This action, differently than other "turn" effects, move the item in circular way around an ideal center of a circle with a given radius.

Remark: if the OCB value of the object is greater than 127, this value will be used as rotation speed.

- Added new global trigger: GT_NO_ACTION_ON_ITEM
This global trigger allows to discover when an action on given item has been completed.
It could be useful to perform some trigger when a moveable has been moved or turned, discovering the precise moment of the end of the action, for example to play a sound effect at end of the moving.

- Fixed bug about Flame emitter with fire strip.
In the previous version, the flame emitter 1 set to work with a fire stripe, had the fire in the opposite direction of red cone in NGLE.

- Added new flag for DiagnosticType command: EDGX_SLOW_MOTION
Typing in second parameter of DiagnosticType command this new flag, you can enable in game a customizable slow motion pressing the F11 key.
The slow motion could be useful when you are studying some custom animation and you wish see the details for each frame to discover further errors.

- Added flag for DiagnosticType command: EDGX_SWAP_VIEW
Typying in second parameter of DiagnosticType command this new flag, you can enable in game a customizable view camera to look Lara from different angles.
Just press the F12 key to rotate the camera around to Lara.
This feature is useful when you wish see some detail of Lara not visible from common back view.

- Added flag for TestPosition script command: TPOS_FAST_ALIGNMENT
This flag affects the (furhter) alignemnt phase when you used the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS constant in the Animation command that called this TestPosition command.
When you use an Animation command and you used also the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS, when Lara is in a good position for TestPosition command, she will be moved in perfect ideal position before performing the animation.
Well, in some circustances the old method used to move lara byself in ideal position had a problem of continuos loop when she was too closed to target position to reach.
To solve this problem you could use in TestPosition command the TPOS_FAST_ALIGNMENT flag, and in this case Lara will be moved immediatly in correct position avoiding the risk of looping.
Remark: you should use the fast alignment only when you set a very low tollerance in TestPosition command, i.e. when the condition of testpostion will be true when lara is really very closed to ideal position.

- Added flag for TestPosition script command: TPOS_OPPOSITE_FACING
This flag fix a bug when the alignment with some objects could fail because the main mesh has an opposite facing respect to animation 0 displacement.
You can discover this situation with Animation Editor of Wad Merger: when the position of mesh with "No Animation" is the opposite of mesh in "Animation 0" you are in this situation and the self alignment could fail.
To fix this bug you can use the TPOS_OPPOSITE_FACING flag in the TestPosition command used by your Animation command.

- Fixed bug about extract weapon on the vehicle
In previous versions, when the player set a keyboard command (1-6) to extract a specific weapon while lara was driving some vehicle there was a crash.

- Added new texture menu command in NGLE
Now in "Textures" menu there is the new command "Turn Selected Textures"
This command allows to turn all textures in selected zone.
The most usage of this command is when you want change the facing of many textures placed in difficultous positions like the vertical portals with toggle opacity.
You could use this command to place UV rotate scrolling (or river animated) textures with wished direction of scrolling.
* It's not necessary that [Face Edit] was ON , when you use this command, and in some circustances, like for the vertical portal, it is better use own this command when the [Face Edit] is OFF.
* This command allows also to perform a random turning of textures useful to create most irregular distribution of pattern.

- Added new OCBs for WATERFALLMIST object
With new OCB you can change: intensity, size and color of the mist effect.
See the WATERFALLMIST objet in OCB LIST section of the Reference panel of NG_Center.

- Added new tool "OCB Calculator"
In the Tools2 panel of NG_Center program now there is a new tool, the OCB Calculator, that can help you to compute the OCB of most complicated trng features, like keypad, fish emitter or pushable objects.
There is also a generic tool useful for all objects with a inverse ocb computing useful to get the single flags from a unique OCB value

- Added new customize value: CUST_WATERFALL_SPEED
With CUST_WATERFALL_SPEED customize you can change the speed of all waterfall textures of current level.

- Added new vechicle: the Kayak
The kayak has been imported from tomb raider 3 (the Mudubu level)
Download the demo from in Demo section

Remark: read the "read_me.txt" file in demo, and also the description of kayak's OCBs from the OCB section in Reference panel of NG Center, to have more infos about this new weichle.
There are some things to know about kayak...

- Added new flipeffect triggers to simulate pool-whirls
The new flipeffect triggers:
"Lara. (Physics) Trigger un/clockwise whirl at <&>center and (E)Diameter"
permit to have a whirl in the water that could affect Lara on boat vehicles or stand-alone Lara. Lara will turn arond the whirl and at end she could be pulled down, dying.
Pratically the whirl works like a sink but with a circular movement like an Hannon attractor.

*Remember that the Y position of LARA_START_POS respect than water surface set the strenght of the whirl. Depther is the START_POS item and higher is the pulling power of the whirl.
The max depth accepted is 5 sectors (20 clicks) the min depth is one click.

* To have a pulling-down effect it's necessary that the strenght was at least:
3 clicks (or higher) for (stand-alone) Lara
5 clicks (or higher) for kayak
8 clicks (or higher) for Rubber-boat
12 clicks (or higher) for Motor-boat

* See the Kayak demo project to see how set a whirl.

- Enhanced script command AssignSlot
In previous version the AssignSlot command was used to inform the engine about the slot where you placed rubber or motor boat and animations.
Now that usage it's no more suggested since you have the specific slots RUBBER_BOAT, RUBBER_BOAT_LARA, MOTOR_BOAT and MOTOR_BOAT_LARA.

In spite of above speech, the old usage of AssignSlot is yet working, but now you can use the AssignSlot also to assign any slot to any other slot. In this new working mode you have to place in old field OBJ_ a common SLOT value to signal the slot from where get the features to assign to other slot.
Thanks to this new feature you can have in same level more crocodiles, baddy1 or mummies with different layouts but with same AI behavior.

Read the updated description for AssignSlot command in NEW SCRIPT COMMANDS section of Reference panel of NG_Center program

- Added customize constant: CUST_ROLLING_BOAT
By default all boats, when Lara is not on board, are fully still, this is not very normal when there are waves on water surface.
With CUST_ROLLING_BOAT customize you can set a swinging and/or pitching movement to get more realistic the boats on the water.

- Fixed bug about CUST_AMMO for Crossbow
In previou versions the changes about damage of crossbow ammo with command:


had no effect and the NewDamage was ignored.

- Fixed some problems of misalignemnt with keypad and detector objects.
In previous versions, using high resolution in game (higher than 1024 x 768) it happened some misplacing of texts or detected targets and the main object (detector or keypad)

- Added new diagnostic flag to enter in adjustment mode.
It has been added the DGX_ADJUSTMENT_MODE constant.
Thanks to it, you can discover the best position for keypad and detector objects with highest resolution.
Read the description of DGX_ADJUSTMENT_MODE constant in Reference panel of NG_Center program to have more infos.

Nach langer Zeit wieder mal ein Update mit vielen Neuigkeiten. :thumbup:
So gibt es jetzt das TR3-Kayak auch mit der TRNG! [8D]
Mit dem AssignSlot-Kommando kann man jetzt jedem beliebigen Slot die Eigenschaften von einem anderen verpassen. Wer also z.B. drei Baddy1-Slots in seinem Wad haben will und damit drei verschieden texturierte Baddygegner: kein Problem!. Oder wer seine Objekte statt in Staticslots lieber in endlose Animating-Slots packen will, damit man von deren Beleuchtungseigenschaften profitieren kann, der kann auch dieses tun.
Das Waterfallmist-Objekt ist jetzt hinsichtlich Farbe, Größe etc. via OCB anpassbar.
Es gibt jetzt auch einen direkten Flipeffekt zur Änderung des OCB´s eines Objekts.
Außerdem wurden die Diagnostics um einige Optionen bereichert um z.B. Animationen besser studieren und dann verändern zu können.
Es gibt auch ein Übersetzungstool, um den NG_Center und das Triggermenü des NGLE übersetzen zu können. Wer also Bock hat, kann sich das mal anschauen.
Ansonsten gibt es noch die eine oder andere Kleinigkeit und ein paar Bugs sind beseitigt.


Sunday, November 28th 2010, 9:21pm


- Fixed bug about ShowLaraInTitle= script command.
In previous version Lara was showed in the title but she was always still and no animation was possible
- Fixed bug in swap level with Extra Static.
In previous versions, when Lara skips from a level to another and go back to first, wheter in some of two levels it had been used an Extra static object, the saving/restoring data was messed.
- Fixed bug about Texturize Dxf File tool.
In previous version, on some national PCs (like germans) the loading of dxf file failed.
- Added some variable placefolders in Reference panel of NG_Center
In previous version it was missing some placefolder about Alfa variable.
- About TRNG Variables, the description of savegame memory variable:
"System. Index of enemy aimed by Lara"
has been changed with:
"System. Item Memory address of enemy aimed by Lara"
Since it was not an index but an absolute memory address that points to the item memory of the item aimed by Lara
Remark: to convert an item memory address to an item index you can use a new flipeffect. See following rows.
- Added flipeffect for trng variables.
It has been added the flipeffect:
"351:Variables. Memory. Convert from item address to item index the value in Current Value variable"
This flipeffect is useful in those particular cases when you have an absolute address of an item structure but you wish got the corresponding item index.
Source value and result are all read/wrote from/to Current Value variable.
- Fixed bug about items with shining textures
This is an old bug but the problem borns only setting shining texture with strpix program when the object has no normals but only lights. It's a technical question, anyway you had that bug when you placed a shining attribute on some texture on some static object created by you.
Now the trng eninge will ignore the shining attribute when it cannot be handled on that object, avoiding the crash.
- Added new tool: Fast3d
With Fast3d you can perform fastly the most common 3d operations, preserving the original textures.
You can rotate, move, merge, resize or mirroring your mesh just with one click.
This tool works on .dxf files exported from StrPix program.
- New italian language files to download from: in Multilanguage project link
- Added new environment condition: ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP
This condition allows to have a best precision respect to the ENV_POS_STRIP_1/2/3 flags.
With ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP condition you can set a range in 32th of sector strips where it should be lara to have a true condition.
Remark: remember that this is a stand-alone condition and not a flag to add to other condition like the old ENV_POS_ flags. Read the description of ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP constant in reference panel of NG_Center to have more infos.
- Aligned text and targets for detectors and keypad in resolution up to 1440 x 900 game resolution.
- Added new TGROUP_ flag for TriggerGroup command: the TGROUP_USE_ITEM_USED_BY_LARA_INDEX flag
This new flag allows to override the index of the object of some action trigger with the index of item that lara is using.
The items used by Lara could be: vehicles, pushable objects, swtich1/2/3, rollingball (with pushing feature), rope and polerope.
With this flag and an animcommand calling a triggergroup,you can perform some action on some interactive objects while lara is using them.
See the description of TGROUP_USE_ITEM_USED_BY_LARA_INDEX flag in Reference section of NG_Center program to have more infos.
- Enhanced mirror features.
It has been added new mirror types: MIR_EAST_WALL, MIR_NORTH_WALL and MIR_SOUTH_WALL.
Remark: the cardinal points are about the 2d view in ngle program.
Now it's possible have more mirrors for same room. I.e. theorically it should be possible have a mirror for each wall of a room, with floor and ceiling, too.
But, in the reality, I suggest to use no more than two mirrors for same room to avoid the problem of multiple reflexion (a reflex of a mirror in another mirror) that cann't be managed from the directX libraries.
See the New Mirrors demo in Demo section of website to see how realize two mirrors for same room, avoiding the multireflex problem.
- Added new ocbs for Switch Type 1/2/3 objects
Now you can force a specific custom animation when lara engages a switch. Just you type its number in the ocb of Switch object.
You can handle easily the flip/flop switches with multiple triggering/antitriggering.
See the description of "NEW SWITCH" ocb in "Ocb Description" in the reference panel of NG_Center progam.
You can see some example of usage of new switch ocbs in New Mirrors demo you find in Demo section of http:/// website
- Fixed bug about item flare.
This bug there was already in old tomb4 engine: when Lara threw the flare in some circustance the flare item was not visible on the floor.
- Enlarged memory buffers for ng_tom2pc program
In previous version some "monster" level can cause a crash in elaborating of textures pages.
Now all temporary buffers have been doubled. The program has been tested with wad upto 140 texture pages but it should manage until 200 texture pages now.
- Added new flag for Image= script command: IF_OVER_FIXED_CAMERA
By default the images will be hidden when there is a fixed camera. Now if you wish show an image while there is fixed camera you can add the IF_OVER_FIXED_CAMERA flag in Image script command
- Fixed bug about transparence of the enemies
In previous version, the enemies with some transparency effect will disappear after saving/reload game
- Fixed bug about collision on hang-left/right movements vs statics.
In previous version, when lara was hanged and her move herself at left or right where there was a collision of some static object, lara was able to go across the static.

In diesem Update gibt neben der üblichen Korrektur von Bugs unter anderem folgende neue Sachen:
- Spiegel gibt es jetzt für alle Wände
- Man kann den Switches 1/2/3 via OCB eine beliebige Animation zuweisen.
- ng_tom2pc kann jetzt wesentlich mehr Texturenseiten verarbeiten (getestet 140, theaoretisch bis 200)


Thursday, May 5th 2011, 4:47pm

Eine neues, sehr umfangreiches Update ist zu haben. Es kommt mit einem neuen FullInstaller, der auch Schritt für Schritt durch die Installation unter WINVista/Win7 führt.


Sunday, August 21st 2011, 10:39am

Das Update kommt mit dem neuen mk4-installer. Es enthält unzählige Bugfixes. Es wurden sogar Bugs aus dem alten TRLE gefixt, wie das Kollisionsproblem vom Motorrad mit Objekten. Da gibt es jetzt umfassende Anpassungen, die man weise nutzen sollte.


Remark: the version has been skipped. It has been "used" only as beta testing version and never officially developed.

Many thanks to all beta testers helped me to create a freebug version of trng full setup.

- Fixed bug about command ShowLaraInTitle
In previous version Lara was always present in title even when the ShowLaraInTitle command was missing in the script

- Added new condition trigger to test the room type where Lara is.
[Find Trigger Number] C81
With the new condition trigger: "Lara. Room. Lara is in the <#>room type" you can test if lara is in some specific room type, like water, outside, cold, damage, rain, snow, quicksand.
You should use this condition in a GlobalTrigger or an animation command, of course.

- Fixed bug about no catching edge of Lara
In previous versions Lara was no more able to catch edges after she touch a static in some state ids. When lara died in that moment, the lost of this ability continued also after loading a savegame or a new level. Only closing tomb4 and launching it newly removed that problem.

- Fixed bug about changing of internal reference of Memory Savegame in the TRNG Variables management
In previous versions ( and the trng variables triggers working on memory savegames had all a different reference respect to all other previous versions. Now it has been restored the correct indices reference to the memory fields.

- Fixed bug in QSF constants for screenshot size
In previous versione the constant QSF_SIZE_640x480 had no effect and the result it was the resolution of QSF_SIZE_260x200

- Changed the "Markbook" term with "BookMark" in ng_center

- Fixed bug in condition trigger to test current game command.
[Find Trigger Number] C13
In previous versions the game commands: "Walk Left" and "Walk Right" were not detected.
About the game commands: "Pause" and "Require Inventory" they will be never detected because tomb4 enters in pause or inventory mode before performing this condition trigger. The triggers are performed only in game mode but in the future I could add global trigger to work also in Inventory mode.

- Corrected the description of Enemy command.
In previous versions in the description of TombFlags field it was missing the information about the TCF_... flags you can use in that field.

- Fixed bug in Help menu of NGLE program
The help command "NGLE Help" pointed to a broken link for download.

- Fixed bug in flipeffect to remove from the screen a specific extra ng string
[Find Trigger Number] F204
In previous versions the flipeffect "Text. Print. Remove (&)Extra NG String from screen" didn't work

- Fixed bug in flipeffect to stop endless scaling static
[Find Trigger Number] F353
In previous version, when you enabled an endless scaling of an static item, and then you stop it (with flipeffect F353) the new size was lost after saving and reloading savegame.

- Fixed bug in static scaling management.
In previous version when the new size percentage was an odd number the collisions were missing for that static.

- Removed the LDF_CONTINUE_DIARY flag from flags of Diary command.
The management of LDF_CONTINUE_DIARY flag was not good because by default all diaries and all strings of any diary were saved/restored in any jumping between levels.
So, now if you wish preserve the old diary for future levels you no need of any flag. While if you wish clear a specific diary at begin of some level you have to use the flipeffect 220 "Diary. Clear all strings in <&>Diary" in start position of lara in that level, setting the trigger as Single shot, of course.

- Changed management of Diary between levels.
The previous management of the diaries was wrong, because they were thought like local resources, with 10 diaries for level, but since each diary can be moved to further following levels, the diaries should be considered as global resources.
This means you have to use different IDs also for diary set in different [Level] sections, since same ID will overlap the diary with same id in other [Level] section.
To compensate this change, the number of diaries pass from 10 local diaries for [level] to 100 global diaries for the whole adventure (the sum of all levels)
I'm sorry for the change, but the previous management of multiple diaries cann't work correctly.

- Fixed bug about formatting tag #BG_AUDIO# in diary pages.
In previous versions the #BG_AUDIO# tag had no effect.
Now you can set a different audio track for each page of the diary using the #BG_AUDIO# tag in the <FORMAT> section of the text of the diary pages.
Remark: the bg_audio track (differently than the audio track set with LDF_PLAY_TRACK flag) will be played only once (no loop).
You could use the #BG_AUDIO# tag to have a spoken version of the text in any page.

- Fixed bug about empyt Diary
In previous version when a diary had no string there was a crash when the diary was showed.

- Fixed bug about Equipment command.
In previous version when you used the equipment command to set the presence of some weapon using different kinds of weapons (all weapons except pistol and UZI) you can got a crash extracting that weapon in game using the keyboard shortcuts (keys "1" "2" "3" "4" or "5")

- Added to the Equipment command some flags for weapons
When you are using an Equipment command to set the presence of a weapon in inventory, now you can add to the Amount field one or more LOAD_ flags.
These flags set the current ammo type loaded in the weapon and the further lasersight (mounted on it).
Remark: if you omit the ammo type the default ammo will be always ammo type 1 (the normal ammo)
Read the description of LOAD_.. flags in the MNEMONIC CONSTANTS section of the Reference panel for more infos.

- Fixed bug in Customize=CUST_AMMO command
In previous versions the setting for CROSSBOW_AMMO2_ITEM and CROSSBOW_AMMO3_ITEM were inverted.

- Fixed bug about poisoned ammo for crossbow
In previous version the poison arrows had no effect on the hit enemies

- Fixed bug in Animation Watcher tool
In the Animation watcher there was a crash trying to export the list with the [Output List] button.

- Fixed bug about invisible state of enemy's meshes
In previous version, on some moveable (like wildboar, big scorpion ect), the change of visibility for single mesh performed with the action trigger "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enemy the (E)mesh as invisible", was lost after saving and restoring the savegame.

Note: in the reality to fix this problem you have to set for the slot of that enemy an Enemy script command with the NEF_SAVE_MESH_VISIBILITY flag.
In fact, the reason because with some enemies the invisibility was lost with save/load game, happened because only for some slots were foreseen the savage of mesh invisibility state. Anyway now, with the NEF_SAVE_MESH_VISIBILITY flag, you can force this saving/restoring for any slot you wish.

- Added new flag for Enemy script command.
To fix the problem of the lost of the invisibility state of single mesh of an enemy (see above), it has been added the NEF_SAVE_MESH_VISIBILITY flag.
Adding this flag for a specific slot, all items with that slot will save and restore the visibility mesh state that you could have changed with the action trigger "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enemy the (E)mesh as invisible"

- Fixed bug in WindowsFont command.
In the previous versions the flag for font style "WFF_ITALIC" had no effect.

- Fixed bug in flipeffect to remove extra ng string from the screen
[Find Trigger Number] F204
In the previous versions, when you used the flipeffect 204 to remove a ng string from the screen, the engine will remove only the first instance of the string. This means that, if that ng string had been printed two or more times, the other instances remained on the screen.
Now the F204 flipeffect remove all instances of the given string from the screen.

- Forgot the description in last history of some new features
In the history for version I missed these two descriptions of new features:


* Added the ADD_LIGHT_GLOVE constant for AddEffect command.
Now you can add a glove light as effect to your moveables or statics.
See description of ADD_LIGHT_GLOVE constant in the MNEMONIC CONSTANTS list of the Reference panel of NG_Center

* Added new global trigger constant: GT_COMPLETED_SCALING_ON_ITEM
This new global trigger will be enabled when a dynamic (no endless) scaling effect has been completed.
You could use it to perform some action exactly when the resizing of your item has been completed.

- Fixed bug about NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag of Enemy command.
In previous version when an enemy command had the NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag this easy heavy activaction worked for all enemies in the game, indifferently if that slot was in the enemy script command.

- Fixed bug about the Blink attribute for text settings.
In previous versions the change of speed for the blink text didn't work, indiffirently by the method used to change it: flipeffect 75 or the TextFormat script command (BlinkTime field)

- Fixed bug about flipeffects to stop sound effects
[Find Trigger Number] F72 F73
In previous versions the flipeffects "Sound. Stop &Sound sample of first/second group" didn't work.

- Fixed bug about ADD_LIGHT_BLINK flag in AddEffect command
In previous versions, when you customized the Flare with Customize=CUST_FLARE , adding sparks, glow light or smoke, then these customization were added also to all the ADD_LIGHT_BLINK effects you added in the level.

- Fixed bug about flipeffect to perform some flip on a ItemGroup
[Find Trigger Number] F354
In the flipeffect "ItemGroup. Statics. Perform <&>trigger on (E)ItemGroup of statics" in the list of <&>trigger there were also two triggers not really availble to be performed from ItemGroup, the triggers: "Statics. Rotation. Stop all rotations of statics in <&>Room" and the "Statics. Move. Stop the movements of all statics in <&>Room".

- Added new Action trigger to remove effects from statics
[Find Trigger Number] A84
The new action trigger "Statics. Remove from <#>static the (E)Add Effect of script file" allows to untrigger the adding effects to the statics performed with the action 83 "Static. Apply on <#>static the (E)Add Effect from script file"

- Fixed bugs about action triggers to enable Camera or Flyby
[Find Trigger Number] A41 A45
In last versions the action triggers to enable Camera,Fixed camera (A41) or a flyby sequence (A45) didn't work correctly.
Remark: the A 41 trigger to enable a camera/fixed camera, should be performed always form a triggergroup or an exported anim command. All action triggers that duplicate default triggers to enable objects, cam, flyby, sink ect have been thought only for exporting.

- Fixed bugs about flipeffects to stop sound effects
[Find Trigger Number] F72 F73
In previous versions the flipeffects "Sound. Stop <&>Sound sample of first/second group..." didn't work

- Removed beta version of flipeffect for lightning
[Find Trigger Number] F359 (but now it's missing)
In version there was a refuse of some my test about a new flipeffec to enable a lightning versus lara or enemies. Anyway it was not yet working so it has been removed but it will be added newly when it will be completed.

- Corrected description about overlapped bridges in the Bridge Collision tutorial
In the miscellanous 2 demo project there was a mistake in the Bridge Collision tutorial. The position of triggers cann't change the choice about what is the only conditional bridge over the same tail. The bridge with condition will be always the lower in the 3d space.
The correction has been already done in the tutorial.

- Fixed bug in NG Font Editor tool
In previous versions when in the wad (.swd) file there were two or more sprite items (like CUSTOM_SPRITES other the FONT_GRAPHICS) there was a Bad Subscription error with aborting of NG Font Editor window.

- Fixed bug in floor/ceiling mirror
In previous versions the (further) Animatings in the hidden room were apparently disappeared.
Note: I remember that to have a correct specular image of Animating in floor/ceiling mirror it's necessary that the pivot (the point where there are the coordinate {0,0,0}) of the item was in the middle of the object respect to the planar view.

- Enhanced the buffer for "spark" particles
The number of single spark particles in the same moment has been doubled because there was an overloading when it was raining for other spark sources like the waterfall mist.

- Fixed old bug about missing of collision between motorbike and not-enemies items, moveables or static items.
Now the bike will be stopped when it collides with moveables or static items.

- Added new collide feature for motorbike.
In old tomb4, when lara was driving the bike and she went below a low ceiling, so much low to touch her head, nothing happened, and lara was able to across the rock with her head with no injury.
Now you can kill lara in above situation but only using some moveble or static pending from the ceiling with the correct distance from the bike.

- Fixed bug about action trigger to activate moveable
[Find Trigger Number] A43
In the previous versions the action trigger "Trigger. (Moveable) Activate <#>Moveable with (E)Timer value" didn't respond to One Shot button, with the result that also an one-shot trigger came performed many times.

- Fixed old bug about puzzle with brazier, petrol and torch.
This was an old tomb4 bug.
When lara fills the brazier with petrol (using the jerrycan) and then she saves the game, at reload of savegame the petrol was missing and the puzzle failed.

- Fixed bug in Fast3d and Texturize dxf file tools
On some eastern computer there were trouble importing dxf files and/or exporting dxf files, where these last were not accepted from StrPix program.
Above problems happened when the nationalization of Windows set the comma "," as decimal point for floating point numbers.

- Added in Reference panel of NG_Center new state-ids references
It has been addes the group of new state-ids of Lara when she uses Parallel Bar and TightRope

STATE_TR_POSE:$77 ;Tight Rope
STATE_TR_WALK:$79 ;Tight Rope
STATE_TR_FALL_122:$7A ;Tight Rope
STATE_TR_FALL_123:$7B ;Tight Rope
STATE_PB_HANGING:$80 ;parallel bar
STATE_PB_LEAP_OFF:$81 ;parallel bar

- Added CUST_BIKE_VS_ENEMIES customize constant
With the new CUST_BIKE_VS_ENEMIES customize you can set what it will happen when the bike collide with a given enemy.
You can set to kill, to push away, to hurt or to explode the given enemy.
Remark: the push away setting works fine with some moveable and bad with others. You should test it and use it only when it works fine.
See the CUST_BIKE_VS_ENEMIES constant in the Reference panel for more infos

- Added new flags for MirrorEffect command
These new flags (FMIR_...) should be added to the animating index when you wish fix some problem in the reflex of that item.
If the mirrored item has a wrong facing you can try to fix the problem adding to the index of main item the flag FMIR_ALTERNATE_REFLEX
This flag doesn't grant to have a better mirroring but only a new type of mirroring. Therefore you should add the FMIR_ALTERNATE_REFLEX flag only when you have had a bad result in a previous attempt.
Another fixing is possible with the flags: FMIR_ADJUST_X or FMIR_ADJUST_Z, to add when the mirrored item has a bad position. This happen very often with doors in floor/ceiling mirrors, because the doors have very often a pivot on a side or corner of the mesh, instead by the (good for mirror) central position.
See the FMIR_ constants in the Reference Panel of the NG_Center for more infos.

- Fixed bug in flipeffefct to set a camera as follow camera
[Find Trigger Number] F119
In previous versions the flipeffect "Camera. Set current CAMERA as follow camera on(&)Axis until (E)condition" didn't work with the condition: "Until Lara is in current room"

- Fixed bug about changing intensity of rain or snow
[Find Trigger Number] F 117
When the flipeffect trigger "Weather. Set Rain/Snow intensity for <&>room with the new (E)intensity value" changed the intensity of room where is Lara, saving the game and reloading it, the change performed with the trigger was not restored correctly.

- Fixed bug about CUST_RAIN customize
In previous versions the sound effect to play, stored in Extra field and enabled with the FR_PLAY_SFX flag, was not really played in game.

- Added new pause mode to stop circular turning
[Find Trigger Number] A81
Now you can put in pause the circular turning of an animating using the action trigger "Turn. Stop circular turning for <#>Animating item in (E)way" using the "Pause. Stop temporary its movement" way.
Then you'll be able to resume this movement with a new action trigger (A85). See following note:

- Added new action trigger to resume a circular turning previously put in pause
[Find Trigger Number] A85
After you put in pause a circular turning of an animating with the A81 trigger in Pause mode, you can resume its movement with the action trigger "Turn. Resume circular turning of <#>Animating previously put in Pause"
The usage of this trigger is useful own when you wish stop and go a circular turning, since using a "stop immediatly" + a new "circular trigger" you'll lose the original circle position since it was computed respect to current position of the Animating.

- Info about joystick usage with savegame panel
Someone had problems with the savegame panel using the joystick but for others it works. It's an hardware problem. I copy here the conclusions of a betatester of trng (Bedazzled):
My PC allows me to choose between using a graphics processor which is integrated into the cpu or a discrete graphics card. I've found that using the discrete card there is no problem, but using the integrated graphics causes the game to lock up when save is selected from the inventory.So some people reports of the game freezing will be correct as it's hardware dependent.

- Added new flipeffect to set the rain settings before entering in a rain room
[Find Trigger Number] F 361
This flipeffect has been thought to solve a limitation in rain management.
Until lara doesn't enter in a rain room the rain setting will remain that of old rain room visited by Lara. This means that, when lara is not in a rain room but it's able to see a closed rain room the setting of that rain could be wrong until lara doesn't enter in it.
To avoid this problem you can use the flipeffect "Weather. Set in advance the rain setting using the intensity of <&>Room" while lara is yet outside of that rain room that she is looking.