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Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009, 23:15

Not really a doppleganger


how we doing all? I was looking at TRA and TRU on YOUTUBE and a thought ocurred to me. doppleganger means
"twin", right? well, that would imply that Lara's "twin" would be indentical to her in every detail. Instead, the
"dopplehoe's" eyes are a golden yellow and her hair is a red wine color. were she a true doppleganger, she and
Lara would be identical down to the last detail. right? just a thought.

p.s. on another note, I am not sure I put it in the right place, but I wrote a story FED UP and a little feedback
would be appreciated. language may be a little rough, but that can be adjusted. just a word or two saying you
liked it or not. cool? Danke schon. :thumbup: :thumbsup: :winke:
Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmare, son, while you're resting your head.--


Freitag, 27. Februar 2009, 00:14

Hi Neilzip :winke:

Doppelganger (or as we write Doppelgänger) is not really a Twin. It's more a look-alike. A twin is you brother/sister, a look-alike looks nearly like you, but has nothing to do with you or your family :)

And to your Fed Up-Story: I couldn't read/write so good english, that I totally understand, what you have written. So I couldn't say anything to that
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